Water Project


On the Third Sunday of Easter last year we launched our water project to support Sr. Anna, a Good Shepherd Sister. She spoke at all Masses to launch the Water Project, an initiative of the parish to mark the Year of Mercy. Thanks to your generosity, Sr. Anna saw the completion of two wells in Kenya in July 2016.

The two areas selected are very distinct. One pump was installed at Mufutu Primary School and Community – ( 500 people.) Milo, Webuye, Western Kenya.

The second pump was installed at Welemba Community, Milo Sub- Location, Bungoma County.  ( 300 households ) This was a local community with a small church attached. These locations were within the Webuye area but not at all close to each other. Both in Western Kenya a very needy Province. Access to water is a big problem.

The school pump was dedicated to St. Columb  and the community pump was dedicated to St. Oliver Plunkett. 

Fundraising has continued throughout the year and this summer Sr Anna hopes to return to Kenya between the middle of June and the end of July 2017 and oversee the completion of an additional five wells . She is overwhelmed by the generosity of the people and the creative ways funds have been raised. Truly this is very practical example of caring for those in need, realizing that we all belong to the great family of God.

Sr. Anna came back to the parishes on the weekend of 21st May and spoke at all Masses to mark the close of the project.  She will give us a further update when the additional wells are completed in July 2017.

The total raised for this project is £27,000.