Sharing Fair Group

One person is of greater value than the whole world

Improving the quality of life for all involved.

Empowering women and young girls

The Good Shepherd Sisters

Regina Self  Help C entre

The work  started in 1983 with the main purpose of helping support women and young girls so that they can work at home or in their community. They can then live with their families and not have to migrate to Bangkok or big cities to earn money.   Regina Self-Help Center has training courses in tailoring, making bags, weaving,  embroidery and making t-shirts.


 The project is divided into  four branch locations Huai sai, Nongkhai,

Donwai and Isan Weaving Project, part of Nongkhai branch, is located at the Nongkhai Village Vocational Training Center., These are for the convenience of supporting  work distribution and reaching out to the workers.  They are all  in Nongkhai Province.  


Producers depend on sales for the crafts to promote the welfare of their families.  

The women involved in the project are trained to take responsibility for management in all areas related to craft production,  decision – making, accountancy , invoicing, quality control, packing, salaries and supervision. This teaches them to start a small business on their own when an opportunity occurs.


Please help us in this work

Sharing Fair is sponsored by the Good Shepherd Sisters to bring disadvantaged women and girls off the streets and into employment. Countries covered are: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Kenya, Peru, El Salvador, Philippines, Bolivia, Indonesia and Mexico among others. All items are the products of these girls’ labour and we rely on your support and generosity to keep this programme going. All sales go directly into the programme.            more  >>