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Parish Pastoral Council Priorities
PPC Briefing  #1 2015….
Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and Parish Groups News
The Parish Pastoral Council meets every month. It has a number of working groups. Here is a summary of the main work
undertaken over the past year.

Being and Building Community Group
The baptism team is well established.  Members visited the parents of 240 babies for baptism in the past year.  The
catechism course continues to run successfully and is now in its second year.

Marriage and Family Life Group
The group is focusing on the elderly and housebound. Several special Masses and events were held throughout the year
with others planned.

Youth and the Church Group
Twenty students are currently registered for  the Pope John Paul II awards. Some students are continuing to work on the
parish history project.  A  Facebook page has been established .  Events planned for 2015/2016 include a youth trip to
Lourdes possibly leading on to World Youth Day attendance.

Ecumenism Group
This group continues to engage with the wider Christian community, meeting with members of the Church of Ireland,
Methodist and Presbyterian churches at various seasonal events ,prayer services and ecumenical evenings.

Web & Communications Group
The group is trialling a Pastoral Council “Notice Board” in St Columb’s  Church. We have produced an online parish group
booklet. We are creating an online parish history archive and work has begun on a parish database.

Strathfoyle Working Group
The working group, consisting of local residents and youth, has been established to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of
the opening of  St Oliver Plunkett’s Church through a year- long series of projects and events.