Confirmation 2018
Monsignor Bryan McCanny will confirm the children from Chapel Road and Good Shepherd Primary Schools at 11.00am in St Columb’s Church and children from Sacred Heart and St Columba’s Primary Schools at 2.30pm on Saturday, 3rd March.

Children from St Oliver Plunkett Primary School and Oakgrove Integrated Primary School will be confirmed by Monsignor McCanny at 11.15am on Sunday, 4th March in St Oliver Plunkett Church, Strathfoyle.

First Communion Dates 2018

5th May 11.30am                                     Oakgrove Integrated Primary School
12th May 11.00am                                    Sacred Heart Primary School
12th May 11.30am                                    Good Shepherd Primary School
19th May 10.30am                                   St Columba’s Primary School
19th May 11.00am                                    Chapel Road Primary School