Sr Consilio would like to thank all those who contributed to the recent collection which amounted to £1,020.00

A  Church Gate Collection in aid of Sr Consilio’s Rehabilitation Unit, Providing
Support Services and Accommodation for Persons with Alcoholism and related
Problems, took place on the weekend of 7th /8th July 2018. 
Every year some 2,500 persons are admitted to Cuan Mhuire (Mary’s Harbour) treatment centres. Since it’s formation in 1966 by Sr. Consilio, Cuan Mhuire has treated approximately 100,000 people. We believe that the place and setting within which the programme is offered is just as important as the programme itself. In addition to individual counselling and group therapy, Cuan Mhuire also provides life skills training for all it’s Residents within the treatment programme
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