& PHOENIX PARK MASS        (Sun 26th Aug)

For anyone who has given their name to us – you need do nothing! Your tickets will come to us!!
For everyone else – Tickets are FREE and you can apply from Monday morning 25th June on the WMOF Website:

TICKETS FOR KNOCK – LIMITED NUMBER –  Apply through website as above NOTE: You can apply for tickets for either Phoenix Park or Knock but not both.

FAQs on WMOF2018 Tickets for Knock Shrine and Phoenix Park

1. When and where will tickets for Knock and Phoenix Park be available to book?

Tickets for Knock Shrine and the Phoenix Park will be available from Monday 25th June 2018. All tickets must be booked via the World Meeting of Families 2018 website 

2. What is the ticket issue for Knock Shrine and Phoenix Park? 

  • The ticket issue for Knock Shrine will be 45,000.
  • The ticket issue for the Closing Mass in Phoenix Park will be 500,000. 

3. Is there a separate process for booking as a group, family, individual, priest? 

Yes, when you go to you will be given the option to book as:

1. A Group coming on a private coach and applying for a coach parking permit

2. An individual booking or family booking

3. Clergy (bishops/priests)

4. What is the limit on the number of tickets per single booking? 

For Phoenix Park: 

There is a limit of 12 tickets per booking for those who access the system by the individual registration. [People can repeat book if they require further tickets].

There is a limit of 8 coaches for those who are booking groups of people who will be travelling on a private coach and who are requesting coach parking permits. 

For Knock Shrine:

There will be a limit of 8 tickets per booking. 

5. How do I get my parish group booked for the Phoenix Park Mass? 

We ask that groups who have already booked a coach or those who intend to book a coach to come into the ticket system via the group booking option. Once in this section the group leader will be able to book all their tickets for the Phoenix Park final Mass and book their coach parking permit for their entire group.  

Important note: There is no need for those individuals going to the Mass via a pre booked place on a private coach to book their ticket separately as they will already be included in the group booking. 

6. Will there be a transport plan in place for Knock and the Phoenix Park? 

Yes, there will be a full transport plan in place for both venues. You will not be able to drive up to or park near the venue but there will be park and ride or park and walk facilities available. For more information on the transport options available for both venues, please see Opens in new

7. What special accessibility arrangements are in place for those who need supported access? 

Given the unique scale of this event, the WMOF2018 is currently engaged with disability organisations in relation to the provision of supported access for those who would like to attend the event at Knock Shrine or the Closing Mass in the Phoenix Park. Subject to their advice and available space and resources, a limited number of supported access tickets will be available. If an applicant does not qualify for supported access, they will be entitled to a standard individual ticket.

The options that will be available are as follows: 

• A space in a reserved section for one person and their carer. [Spaces here will be extremely limited]  

• A space in one of the main corrals as part of a family or group. 

8. Will my ticket be transferrable? 

Tickets for Knock Shrine will be printed and will have the name of the person who made the booking on the ticket. These tickets are not transferrable. 

Tickets for Phoenix Park will have a unique bar code and must have a verified email address associated with them. Tickets are transferrable within a group booking. 

9. Will tickets be printed or sent by email? 

Tickets for Knock Shrine will be printed and posted to those who have booked them. 

Tickets for the Phoenix Park will be sent by email and will be print-at-home. The tickets for Phoenix park can only be offered as print at home because it would be cost prohibitive to print and post this number of tickets due to the size and scale of the event. 

10. When will tickets be received?

At the time of booking you will receive an email to confirm that your booking has been successful. You will receive your tickets for Phoenix Park by 31st July. Tickets for Knock Shrine will be posted before the 10th August.