To assist the preparation of our children for the Sacraments of First Eucharist and Penance we as a Parish have invested in the Parish Programme called “Do This in Memory.”  This programme will assist both the parents/guardians and the Parish to become more actively involved in the Sacramental preparation for First Penance and First Eucharist. This programme empowers the parents to take responsibility for their child’s faith formation with the assistance of their parish and school.

The initial meeting will be hosted by our priests, which must be attended by all parents and guardians of children who are preparing for First Confession and First Eucharist in our Parish in the coming year. A resource book will be given to them at these meetings which will start at 7pm on:

Mon 1st Oct 2018        St Oliver Plunkett PS  
for parents of children at St Oliver Plunkett’s PS

Wed 3rd Oct 2018        Parish Hall at St Columb’s Church
for parents of children at Good Shepherd, Chapel Road & Oakgrove Schools

Thur 4th Oct. 2018     Sacred Hearts PS, Trench Road
for parents of children attending Sacred Heart PS & St Columba’s PS

All “Do This In Memory” Masses are Parish Events and celebrate important dates in the Church Calendar Year. Attendance is required by all families concerned at all the ‘Do This In Memory’ Masses on:

14th October 2018          Enrolment Mass
25th November 2018      Feast of Christ the King of the Universe
9th December 2018        2nd Sunday of Advent
27th January 2019          3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
24th March 2019           3rd Sunday in Lent
21st April 2019              EASTER SUNDAY
12th May 2019              4th Sunday of Easter
23rd June 2019             Feast of Corpus Christi

We join in prayer as we launch this programme and look forward to the journey of preparing our children to receive Jesus for the first time in Holy Communion and enriching our own relationships with the Lord.