Inter Church Alpha Course

Got Questions about life?
Inter Church Alpha Course is starting on Wednesday 6th February for 11 weeks at 7pm.
A chance to kick-start your faith – come along and bring a friend! Includes Dinner, presentation and discussion in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere – no charge.
Venue: Exodus, 2 Patrick Street (Opposite Cineplex on Strand Road)

For more info contact John: 07742262110

So What is the Alpha Course?
Alpha is a tool for evangelisation- for helping people experience the love of Christ, not as a faraway God but one who walks alongside us.

Throughout the 11 weeks the Gospel message will be presented through a really engaging video series- but Alpha isn’t just a series of talks- the whole idea is relationship – we welcome everyone who comes, we have food together and good conversation, it’s about ordinary people like you and me exploring our faith together and sharing what we think about life.
Alpha has been run by thousands of Catholic parishes around the world- this particular course will be open to people from all churches.

So what does an Alpha night look like?
It starts at 7pm with a free dinner (which my wife is in charge of organising so I’m confident it will be tasty), then a video presentation which explores a different topic each night, then we have a cup of tea or coffee and sit at tables and discuss what we think about the issues.
At our first night on Wednesday we’ll explore the topic ‘Is there more to Life than this?

From start to finish our aim is to create a friendly, warm atmosphere with plenty of good craic where any question can be asked without judgement- you don’t have to be a practising Catholic or even a Christian to come, in fact it’s expected that people will be there who don’t believe in God and want to talk about it.

Many of us have friends and family that come to mass at Christmas time, maybe weddings and baptisms and probably won’t be back until next year- and some folks who have stopped coming to mass- and this is not about judgement at all – it’s about offering people a spark- something to kick start their faith journey, and this Alpha Course could be that.

So we would encourage you to come along yourself for sure but also have a think about a friend or family member that you could bring along- trust me once they come to the first one they will want to come back- who can turn down a free dinner?