Project Objectives


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The Project aims to contribute to the education of children and youth and to the prevention of the risks of violence and post-conflict trauma in Jdeideh


Activity 1: Supporting 2 educators for the afterschool program

In Lebanese public schools, from the last year of kindergarten to the first three years of primary school (12th, 11th, 10th and 9th), children move from one class to another, whether their results are good or not. They are not allowed to repeat a class. This is not the case in private schools. So most children do not have a good foundation when they come to a higher level and they drop out. For children in the Jdeideh region, other factors are added to the risk of dropping out such as parental illiteracy and the lack of means to pay a private tutor at home.
At the social center of the Good Shepherd Sisters, an afterschool program is  set up for about 90 Lebanese and Syrian children aged 7 to 17. Five Educators are required to support the children. This project could support the salary of two of them over one year.

Activity 2: Social and cultural outings

The socio-cultural outings involve all the children from 7 to 17 years of the three centers of Jdeideh (150 kids). These children do not always have the opportunity to know the history and geography of the country, they only know about it through school books. The outings have an educational and cultural purpose (visit of monuments, games, …) so that they know  their country better or the country  welcoming refugees,  as well as  developing their autonomy, their responsibility, their respect for each other, the environment and heritage. These outings are also organized to provide children with  free time, as television is the only means of entertainment at home. For those in Roueisset who really live in poor surroundings, the outings are a breath of fresh air for the children and also for their parents who can then take personal time during their absence. These outings have also as their purpose  to bring children together from various backgrounds (Syrian- Lebanese, Christian-Muslim)  and reinforce  social cohesion.

Activity 3: The sports activities

These activities enhance the interaction among children and help them accept each other despite their differences. They aim as well to reduce aggression in children, relieve families of tension. They are also an opportunity for non-violent education for these children. The coach plays a listening and counseling role. Thus different sports activities will be proposed:
1• Football: this activity has two levels

  • 150 children will benefit from this activity. A football field will be rented 3 times a year between January and July, by the GSS in the district of Jdeideh, so children could have the opportunity to play in big playgrounds.
  • Another group of 30 children: A coach will be hired to coach the team and form a football team. The training will take place each week in two groups. Tournaments will be organized with other clubs in the region.

2• Martial arts: Martial arts classes will be offered to 35-40 children from 5 to 17 years old, 2 groups of young people will be formed. Classes will be held once a week, one hour per group. Supervised by a coach, the children will have their training in the center of Roueisset